Maine Quality Counts

Maine Quality Counts (MQC) partnered with five regional offices of Area Agencies on Aging throughout the state and the Maine Health Management Coalition, which represents employers/employees, to raise awareness around the Choosing Wisely® campaign.

MQC selected four sites to perform pilot work that provides education on best practices in partnership with patients. MQC is also focusing on educating the public by partnering with consumer and employer subcontractors.

To further engage the public in this effort, MQC organized a series of “Maine Health Care Town Hall Meetings.” The 2014 guest speaker, Dr. John Santa, Medical Director at Consumer Reports, was webcast live throughout the state to seven locations to increase the conversation about Choosing Wisely.

MQC is also working with professional health care organizations including the Maine Medical Association, Maine Osteopathic Association, Nurse Practitioners Association and the Maine Association of Physician Assistants, as well as medical specialties. The goal of this work is to disseminate Choosing Wisely information and highlight tests and treatments that should be questioned.

MQC’s future work includes serving as the lead contractor for the State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative on the Patient Provider Partnership Pilots (P3 Pilots). In this role, MQC will lead a quality improvement initiative and select an additional nine primary care practice sites, with three of those sites focusing on the tests and treatments identified by MQC in its Choosing Wisely work. The P3 Pilots Learning Collaborative will provide opportunities for expanded learning sessions and educational webinars to share best practices and learnings to ensure effective patient-provider partnerships in health care settings.

Maine Quality Counts is a regional health improvement collaborative that brings together people who give care, get care and pay for care to improve health care quality throughout Maine. Its mission focuses on transforming Maine’s health and health care by leading, collaborating and aligning improvement efforts statewide by bringing together 82 member organizations (including physicians and other health care providers, health systems, hospitals, consumer groups, employers, payers and policymakers) to focus on quality improvement and consumer engagement efforts. The Choosing Wisely campaign is a key initiative in MQC’s work to raise awareness that patients and providers are partners in improving health care.