Washington Health Alliance

The Washington Health Alliance (WHA), a purchaser-led regional health improvement collaborative and previous grantee, will continue to partner with the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), another former grantee, to use Choosing Wisely to shape the state’s health care system.

Along with provider organizations, Group Health Cooperative and Swedish Health Services, WHA and WSMA will operate a “Change Three Things” initiative, targeting the overuse of antibiotics for upper respiratory viral infections, imaging for uncomplicated headaches and overly frequent Pap tests for women between the ages of 30 and 65. Interventions will include:

  • providing transparent and timely feedback to clinicians with the provider organizations about their ordering practices;
  • testing clinical decision support strategies in their electronic medical record systems; and
  • supporting academic detailing, the sharing of information about best practices with all members of a care team.

The grant partners will work with the larger Choosing Wisely Task Force, which includes medical leaders from 22 of the largest health care organizations in the state, to engage consumers, purchasers, payers and other stakeholders in the effort to reduce unnecessary care. WHA will work to align consumer communication materials across these organizations, while WSMA will work with its physician members to enhance their ability to have effective conversations with their patients about appropriate care.

** Watch a video interview with WSMA’s Teresa Litton. **