American Academy of Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology, the world’s largest association of neurologists with more than 25,000 members, is dedicated to promoting the highest quality patient-centered neurologic care and enhance member career satisfaction. A neurologist is a doctor with specialized training in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders of the brain and nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, migraine, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. As part of our commitment to helping neurologists provide the most appropriate, cost-effective, evidence-based care, the American Academy of Neurology is pleased to support the Choosing Wisely® campaign, as it promotes wise choices by physicians and patients with the ultimate goal of improving health care outcomes through patient-centered care that avoids unnecessary interventions and helps to reduce the rapidly expanding costs of the health care system. The Choosing Wisely campaign also aligns with the Academy’s commitment to the rigorous development of clinical practice guidelines, quality measures and quality improvement programs. For more information, find the American Academy of Neurology on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.