American Academy of Nursing

The American Academy of Nursing is pleased to lead the nursing profession’s efforts to participate in Choosing Wisely®. Nurses can contribute to a national effort to help patients, clinicians and systems make wise choices about health care. As the largest group of health professionals and with the most contact with patients and families, nurses are in a significant position to influence decisions about health and health care. Nurses influence quality, cost, and waste through a number of mechanisms, such as engaging in practices that are evidence-based, contributing to decisions about the need for tests and treatments, and observing or contributing to system waste and inefficiency. This is particularly important in areas that contribute substantially to total health care costs, such as falls, delirium, medical error prevention, medication management, care coordination, pain management, and appropriate use of services aligned with changing needs (i.e., palliative and hospice care). Nurses are instrumental in shaping health care practices and redesigning health care systems. With this in mind, the American Academy of Nursing has joined Choosing Wisely and is working to engage in conversations with a broad coalition of stakeholder groups and individuals to identify nursing practices that are unnecessary, inefficient, or harmful; describe the supporting evidence for minimizing these practices; make clear recommendations regarding the use of these practices; and disseminate these recommendations to nurses, health care administrators, the public, and other stakeholders. Ultimately, we will be helping to extend the conversation about wise use of resources and helpful practices to  various disciplines and professions.