American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), representing nearly 4,500 physicians who specialize in occupational and environmental medicine, is proud to support the Choosing Wisely® campaign. Founded in 1916, ACOEM is the nation’s largest medical society dedicated to promoting the health of workers through preventive medicine, clinical care, disability management, research, and education. ACOEM members are leaders in treating job-related diseases, recognizing and resolving workplace hazards, instituting rehabilitation methods, and providing well-managed care. ACOEM sponsors the annual American Occupational Health Conference, the nation’s largest conference of its kind, and periodically issues position papers and reports that set practice guidelines for a variety of workplace/environmental settings. ACOEM publishes the monthly Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and sponsors the Corporate Health Achievement Award to recognize the finest health programs in North American companies. ACOEM has also established a Code of Ethical Conduct to guide occupational and environmental physicians. Through efforts such as our strategic partnership with the Choosing Wisely® campaign, ACOEM is pledged to advancing the principles of evidence-based care to deliver quality outcomes for patients.