American Society for Clinical Pathology

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) supports the Choosing Wisely® campaign, which complements and builds on ASCP’s efforts to raise awareness about reducing unnecessary or inappropriate use of laboratory testing practices. As health care reform evolves, ASCP is committed to ensuring evidence-based practices, underscored by the axiom, “right test, right patient, right time, at the right cost.” Founded in 1922, ASCP is the world’s largest society representing the entire laboratory team. ASCP’s more than 100,000 members include pathologists, pathologists’ assistants, clinical laboratory scientists and certified laboratory professionals. ASCP is working strategically on collaborative projects, including Choosing Wisely, with like-minded medical association partners to heighten the awareness of cost-prohibitive poor practices and eventually garner the attention of government and third-party payers. The Society is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions to stop the overuse or misuse of medical tests and procedures that provide little or no benefit to patients.