North American Spine Society

The North American Spine Society (NASS) is pleased to join the Choosing Wisely® campaign effort to bring quality, cost-effective care to all patients. NASS is comprised of more than 7,500 members from several disciplines, including orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, physiatry, pain management, neurology, radiology, anesthesiology, research, physical therapy and other spine care professions. The Choosing Wisely campaign supports NASS’ mission to foster the highest-quality, evidence-based and ethical spine care by promoting education, research and advocacy.  This campaign will encourage active discussion between physicians and patients about the most appropriate care, based on the patient’s situation and the very latest in research and treatment. NASS’ commitment to high quality, safe spine care is conveyed through the development of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and appropriateness use criteria, supporting multidisciplinary spine care research, advocating on behalf of members and patients on issues affecting spine care, and providing a venue for the presentation of research, techniques, current concepts and new technologies related to spine care.