Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is a regional health improvement collaborative that unites clinicians, employers, health plans, policy makers, educators, and consumers to accelerate innovation in order to improve the quality and lower the costs of health and health care. Anticipating the impact of cutting-edge health technologies and big data on correcting the asymmetry of information between healthcare consumers and providers, PRHI launched the Center for Health Information Activation (CHIA).CHIA’s overarching goal is to help healthcare consumers and providers engage in meaningful, dynamic and goal-directed partnerships. Together with other cutting-edge consumer advocacy organizations and programs, creative policy makers, health information technology entrepreneurs and physician champions, CHIA will provide communication tools, skill-building support, guidance on finding and assessing the quality and relevance of the best health information sources and creative health apps, as well as access to online communities – for providers, patients and families.