In just over a decade, Wikipedia has become the world’s largest, most widely read general information resource. Its success is built on a dedication to clear, factual, neutral information, and a novel production process that permits any individual to play a role in fighting bias. Wikipedia’s 90,000 active contributors have applied the collaborative practices pioneered in free/open source software development to the world of knowledge production and public education. Wikipedia’s nonprofit, volunteer-driven model, unique among the world’s top 25 websites, empowers citizens and consumers with knowledge and with the ability to contribute directly to a world-class publication. Wikipedia volunteers specializing in health and medicine will work closely with the medical experts of Choosing Wisely®, building on each other’s skills to inform consumers about over-prescribed medical procedures. Choosing Wisely worked with Wiki Strategies consulting agency to recruit a Wikipedian in Residence, based on successful programs at the British Museum, the U.S. National Archives and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. This Wikipedia expert will connect Choosing Wiselywith the dedicated volunteer community that has produced 23,000 medical articles on Wikipedia.