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Released June 25, 2015

Avoid routine use of invasive monitoring.

Arterial and central venous catheters are associated with risk of nosocomial infections and associated morbidity. Objective data does not support routine use of invasive monitoring for patients undergoing bariatric procedures at this time.

These items are provided solely for informational purposes and are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a medical professional. Patients with any specific questions about the items on this list or their individual situation should consult their physician.

How The List Was Created

The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) initially solicited expert opinion from surgeons who are members of the Clinical Issues Committee. This committee is responsible for drafting guidelines and position statements for the ASMBS. We also received input from the Executive Council of the ASMBS to narrow the original list down to those with highest priority.

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