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February 14, 2017

Don’t order screening tests for low-risk HPV types.

There is no role for testing for low-risk HPV types for cervical cancer screening or patient follow-up for abnormal results. Identification of a low-risk HPV type does not change patient management or treatment. Low-risk HPV tests should not be performed.

These items are provided solely for informational purposes and are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a medical professional. Patients with any specific questions about the items on this list or their individual situation should consult their physician.

How The List Was Created

As a national medical specialty society with membership across multiple disciplines and differing healthcare providers, including doctors and advanced practice nurses, the ASCCP (The Society for Lower Genital Tract Disorders) relies on input from its committee structure and governance for document development. For the Choosing Wisely campaign, the list was obtained through expert discussion of members of the Practice Committee. A literature search was conducted related to each item. The list was then ratified by the Society’s Executive Committee and Chief Medical Officer. Due to the complexity of language around cervical cancer screening, several items use more than one term to describe the same concept (i.e., cervical cytology/Pap test, and high-grade cervical dysplasia/CIN 2/3). This was done intentionally to avoid confusion, and the statements include all terms thought to be important by members of the ASCCP. All comments from the Executive committee were incorporated into the final approved list.


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College of American Pathologists Policy on HPV testing: