Implementation Toolkits

Our implementation toolkits were designed to help clinicians develop a Choosing Wisely program in their practice. These toolkits include links to articles, webinars and podcasts with the goal of providing information on best practices and lessons learned.

Reducing Low Value Care in Vulnerable Populations

This toolkit is designed to help safety-net practices, hospitals and systems with implementation in the following areas:

Patient Engagement in Low Value Care

Engaging patients in care and care redesign takes strategy, evidence and enthusiasm. There are additional considerations when engaging patients in reducing unnecessary care, including fear of lack of access to services and a pervasive belief that more care results in better health outcomes. The US is not alone in this challenge. Through international collaboration, Choosing Wisely campaigns around the world have identified a framework to involve patients in reducing overuse. This technical assistance package focuses on the four identified elements. Use all four components or focus on one element.

  • Partner: Establishing partnerships with patients and community organizations
  • Engage: Involving patient and family advisors in planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Inform: Providing information on tests and treatments that may not be necessary to patients at the point of care and to the public.
  • Empower: Supporting shared decision making at the clinical level