Reducing Low-Value Care in Vulnerable Populations – Clinician Engagement

The resources below can help safety-net practices, hospitals and systems engage their clinicians in Choosing Wisely. They have been broken into sections by time commitment:

  • If you have five minutes, check out our top five insights from each area.
  • If you have twenty minutes, read sample scripts, review tools or listen to a short podcast.
  • If you have an hour to dedicate, read the source journal articles, watch a webinar or join our learning network to connect with others.

If you have five minutes…

Five things to consider when working:to decrease low-value care when serving vulnerable populations:

Keep the focus of clinician-patient conversations on improving patient safety (vs. decreasing health care costs).

Be sure to present your recommendations respectfully and non-judgmentally.

Remember that using less resources on LVC frees up more resources for high-value care, particularly in value-based and capitated payment models.

Be aware that most patients value your time with them more than the tests or treatments you order; patients generally appreciate and are open to honest conversations.

Consider coupling conversations that focus on reducing LVC with complimentary messages re: opportunities to increase high value care (e.g. preventive care).

If you have 20 minutes…




If you have 60 minutes…




  • Present the Choosing Wisely slide deck. (TK)

If you need assistance with this toolkit or implementing Choosing Wisely in your practice or system, please contact Kate Carmody at