HealthInsight Utah

HealthInsight focused on improving the value of health care delivered in the communities it serves. Choosing Wisely provided the organization an opportunity to achieve that goal by encouraging physicians and patients to come together and address waste and overuse. HealthInsight’s work centered on building community awareness through media outreach, large town hall-style events, provider training and consumer education at the point of care. Results of their work included:

  • Reaching 700,000 residents through a radio PSA campaign (available via MP3)
  • Convening two large town hall-style events in spring 2014 featuring national and local experts
  • Creating consumer materials specifically related to two broad areas of focus: antibiotics overuse and appropriate use of imaging

HealthInsight is a private, nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and health care and is composed of locally governed organizations in three states: Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. Its mission is to serve as a primary agent in focusing community energy to achieve the quality and effectiveness of health care.


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