Michigan Health Information Alliance, Inc.

Through its grant, the Michigan Health Information Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) advanced the Choosing Wisely® campaign throughout the state by:

  • Partnering with the Michigan Academy of Physicians and Saginaw County Medical Society to include articles promoting Choosing Wisely in member newsletters.
  • Giving presentations to several major community hospital boards to gain support/approval for the campaign.
  • Facilitating the implementation of Choosing Wisely information at two major hospital systems in departmental and Grand Round meetings and engaging participants in interactive discussions around the recommendations.
  • Delivering a CME-accredited presentation at the Saginaw County Medical Society annual meeting.
  • Working with employers, such as Dow Chemical and Aetna, to distribute Choosing Wisely materials to their employees, members and physicians.
  • Sending monthly “partner packets” that include links to materials/articles and educational updates to 18 community partners.
  • Through partnership with Consumer Reports, airing a television PSA on multiple cable stations, public television and radio, and multiple NBC stations (i.e., Dr. Oz.)

MiHIA held a series of town halls and attended a number of community events and health fairs, implementing two other local physician residency programs and ensuring the Choosing Wisely guidelines are incorporated appropriately in the new Central Michigan University medical school curriculum.  MiHIA’s work in advancing Choosing Wisely was also featured on a local PBS broadcast, “Ask the Specialists.”

The Michigan Health Information Alliance, Inc. (MiHIA) is a diverse group of stakeholders collaborating together as a nonprofit organization to improve health and health delivery in central Michigan. Its mission is to improve the health of people within its region through a comprehensive focus on population health, patient experience and cost of care.