Minnesota Medical Association

The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) identified Choosing Wisely as an initiative to help advance its goals of helping physicians deliver high-quality care and to advancing physician professionalism in the area of resource stewardship.

MMA initiated its work by convening a local physician advisory group and by surveying Minnesota physicians regarding baseline awareness. It then focused on raising the visibility of the program among physicians by:

  • promoting information in MMA publications
  • developing educational resources
  • providing outreach presentations or materials (specialty society meetings, clinic staff meetings, hospital/system CME programs)

A core component of MMA’s project was a partnership with the Guthrie Theater. MMA held two rounds of Guthrie actor-led training programs for physicians on communication skills. MMA also created a member-wide Choosing Wisely video contest with the goal of generating physician-led messaging to further engage Minnesota physicians in the project. 

To support this work MMA created a number of tools and resources such as:

MMA’s efforts resulted in a number of media mentions:

With more than 10,000 members, the Minnesota Medical Association is the professional association for the state’s physicians and physicians-in-training. The mission of MMA is to provide advocacy, information, education and leadership for Minnesota physicians and their patients. Its strategic goals are:

  • to make Minnesotans the healthiest in the nation
  • to make Minnesota the best state in which to practice medicine
  • to advance professionalism in medicine


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