July 2019 Learning Network Resources

Upcoming Webinars and Discussions

Tuesday, August 20 at 4:00 PM EST
Join us for the Choosing Wisely Learning Network webinar, “Promoting value based health care education through STARS and UNITE” with speaker Dr. Christopher Moriates from UT Austin’s Dell Medical School.

Watch a recording of this Webinar.

Blogs, Issue Briefs, Opinion Pieces and More…

  • Can Some Women Treated for Endometrial Cancer Forgo Radiation after Surgery? National Cancer Institute. July 2019
    “Some women with endometrial cancer may be able to receive less intensive treatment than is commonly given to patients without increasing the risk of the disease recurring within 5 years, according to the results of a randomized clinical trial.”
  • EHR ‘Nudge’ Slashed Unneeded Scans Before Palliative Radiation. Medpage Today. July 2019
    “Over a 4-month period, a default imaging order in the EHR was added to specify no daily imaging during palliative radiotherapy, first at University of Pennsylvania Health System and then in community-based clinics in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.”
  • Overtreatment of Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer. Medpage Today. July 2019
    “Identifying patients who might have an increased likelihood of overtreatment with RAI after surgery for low-risk thyroid cancer would help avoid unnecessary risk. To investigate the issue, the authors queried the NCI Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database to identify patients treated for newly diagnosed thyroid cancer during 2011 to 2013.”
  • Langa KM, Burke JF. Preclinical Alzheimer Disease—Early Diagnosis or Overdiagnosis? JAMA Internal Medicine. July 2019
    The results of clinical trials of new treatments for Alzheimer disease (AD) have been consistently disappointing. The hope is that treatment of preclinical AD, which is defined as the presence of AD brain pathology without evidence of cognitive impairment, will be the breakthrough that keeps older adults’ memories and independence intact.”
  • While addiction crisis raged, many surgeons overprescribed opioids, analysis showsSTAT. June 2019
    “As opioid addiction and deadly overdoses escalated into an epidemic across the U.S., thousands of surgeons continued to hand out far more pills than needed for postoperative pain relief, according to a KHN-Johns Hopkins analysis of Medicare data.”
  • When one unnecessary procedure leads to many. Lown Institute. June 2019
    “When clinicians perform a diagnostic test or screening test ‘just to be safe,’ it often leads to follow-up tests and procedures which are not only costly, but increases patient stress and the risk of harm from complications.”
  • In the drive to decrease low-value care, many don’t assess the right impacts on patients. Medical Xpress. June 2019
    “The review, published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, looks at 117 different efforts aimed at reducing low-value care and how they measured the effects of these efforts.”


Media Coverage

  • The Promises and Pitfalls Of Gene Sequencing For Newborns. National Public Radio. July 2019
    “Sequencing a person’s DNA is now a routine task. That reality has left doctors looking for ways to put the technology to work.”
  • Vitamins and Supplements Are a Waste of Money. MedScape. July 2019
    “Thirty billion dollars. That’s how much Americans spend every year on vitamins and supplements. And according to the most comprehensive analysis of their effects, most of that money is being wasted.”
  • Spending on Low Value Services Slowed from 2014-2016. Modern Healthcare. June 2019
    “The analysis, published this week by consultancy Altarum and funded by the PhRMA Foundation, found spending growth on five low-value services decreased on average by 1.7% annually over the two-year period.”