Where Should I Start?

where-should-i-startNot sure how to get started with Choosing Wisely? The resources below can help you understand the impetus for the campaign and determine how best to move forward with implementation.

  • These stories offer practical examples of efforts to reduce overuse across a wide range of topics, and can be helpful learning tools for your own implementation strategies. They can aid practices and systems in:
    • assessing which tools, engagement strategies and quality improvement techniques might work in your home settings,
    • addressing implementation barriers,
    • anticipating unexpected consequences and
    • identifying strengths you can build on.
  • This post on the Commonwealth Fund’s “To The Point” blog includes the Choosing Wisely International Top 10 recommendations.
  • Results from a 2014 survey on physician attitudes regarding the overuse of medical services in the U.S. provide insight into the campaign.
  • Stories of Choosing Wisely implementation across the country, from small individual practices to large health systems, can help inspire those looking to implement campaigns of their own.
  • The Choosing Wisely Champions program recognizes clinicians or teams of clinicians for their significant contributions to advancing the goals of the campaign. These profiles detail the work they do.
  • Stories from community organizations that are spreading the campaign among patients and consumers can serve as a guide for those looking to get involved in their community.
  • These first-hand accounts shine a spotlight on the effects of overuse and overtreatment on patients and their caregivers.


Learn more:

am-i-cwAm I Choosing Wisely?
Learning modules for clinicians that help hone communication skills, avoid unnecessary testing and overcome barriers to delivering high-value care




How Can I Implement Choosing Wisely in My Practice/Health System?
Information for clinicians or health system leaders looking to start a program at their organization



implement-cw-communityHow Can I Implement Choosing Wisely in My Community?
Information for community organizations and employers looking to engage patients in the campaign



How Can I Implement Choosing Wisely in My Workplace?
Resources for employers to educate their employees about avoiding overuse